Warehouse lighting

Various types of halls and similar facilities usually do not have access to natural light. For this reason, warehouse lighting is extremely important , and often its design must comply with all legal standards and other requirements. Lena Lighting's industrial lamps will definitely prove themselves in their role.

Lighting a warehouse is not an easy task. It is because not only a good selection of luminaires, but also their correct placement counts. Lamps can have different parameters, so a wrong decision in this matter may both contribute to non-compliance with the standards and reduce the comfort of employees or increase electricity costs.

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Warehouse lighting - types

Lighting for warehouses and other industrial areas is divided into several types.

The first and the most popular are LED panels in a hermetic frame. This solution is especially convenient as it offers a replaceable light source. In addition, it surprises with low energy consumption. Such lamps are not only used in warehouses because their functionality is also appreciated by private individuals who use such solutions in garages.

Another type is the light fixtures High-Bay. Lamps of this type are most often hung on hooks. They are conveniently used as warehouse lighting, because emit an exceptionally strong beam of light, and therefore allow you to accurately illuminate the selected area.

LED lighting manufacturer Lena Lighting also warmly recommends the product family Quest Plus LED. All luminaires in this series are resistant to unfavorable conditions. They can work even at temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius and -40°C.

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The resistance of lamps for warehouse lighting

Depending on the conditions in the facility, warehouse lighting should have an appropriate degree of resistance to impacts, dust and water. The models have the described IP water resistance class and IK resistance class.

How to read these markings correctly?

The IP class has two digits. The first is on a scale from 0 to 6, the second from 0 to 8. For example, if the luminaire is IP68 rated, it is (6) completely dustproof and (8) protected even when submerged in water. So the higher the score, the better.

The same applies to resilience IK. The scale is counted from 0 to 10. The IK10 symbol means that the luminaire will withstand an impact of 20J, i.e. a hit with a heavy hammer from a distance of 40 cm .

Parameters of lamps for warehouse lighting

Warehouse lighting, but also any other lighting, has different parameters. It is distinguished, inter alia, luminous efficacy , expressed in the number of lumens emitted by one watt (lm / W) and color rendering index (CRI).  In both cases, the higher the score, the better the properties.

CRI is measured from 0 to 100. The lower the result, the more difficult it is to identify colors with a given light source. 100 means full reflection of colors , identical to natural light.

Our warehouse hall lighting is in the CRI range from 70 to 100 . All LED lamps meet this parameter, but obsolete traditional luminaires equipped with fluorescent lamps have a factor of around 60, so they can make work difficult. Modern LED panels also offer the highest luminous efficiency on the market making them relatively cheap to use.

Main lighting is not everything, because every warehouse should be equipped with emergency , which will turn on e.g. in in the event of a power failure, allowing employees to comfortably leave the facility or to repair the fault.

There is no perfect solution for warehouse lighting

It cannot be unequivocally ensured that in each case a given lamp will be a great solution as warehouse lighting, because it all depends on the conditions prevailing in it. These include object height, humidity or temperature. For this reason, we invite you to contact Lena Lighting specialists who, based on their knowledge and experience, will prepare a perfectly tailored offer for the client's building.

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