Basement lighting

A basement is a place, it might seem, of little importance. Meanwhile, without good lighting, using it is much more difficult, which not only reduces the comfort of the space but also safety. Especially when it is full of items stored for years, for which there is no more room on the shelves.

Lena Lighting old basement

In that case, what is the best basement lighting?

In the vast majority of cases, basements are places characterized by low ceilings and elongated hallways. Basement lighting is not only crucial for moving around, as they are often where you have a small workshop, so inadequate light or lack of light will prevent you from working.

Nowadays it is generally not worth buying other bulbs than those based on LED technology. Such solutions are primarily economical because despite the apparent higher cost of purchase, LED lamps are characterized by a longer service life, as well as a degree of energy efficiency. This means that the purchaser will pay for itself sooner or later.

The best solution is to invest in oblong and flat luminaires . This will reduce the risk of damaging the lamp, for example when carrying larger objects. Oblong models are also advisable for their efficiency. A small amount of products is enough to effectively illuminate a large area. LED lighting for the basement does not have to be strong. Firstly, due to the high luminous efficiency (the number of lumens emitted by one watt - lm / W), and the fact that it is not a surface used every day. For this reason, powerful light bulbs are not needed as in the residential or office parts of companies. The above considerations apply largely to the general lighting of the room.

What if we have our workshop in it?

In order to increase the comfort of work, it is enough to obtain adequate lighting above the work area, preferably stronger lighting, so that it helps us at work in the best possible way.

Lena Lighting modern basement

The basement is often very humid, which is why our luminaires are highly sealed. They are also resistant to changing, sometimes extreme temperatures. As the use of such a surface often involves carrying various packages, usually with both hands, it is recommended to equip the lighting with motion sensor, thanks to which the light will turn on by itself when it detects the presence of a human.

As you can see, lighting the basement is not difficult. However, the staircase can start in one particular case, which is when the electrical installation has not been connected to it, which is still common in older buildings.

Lighting the basement without electricity will not be so comfortable, but there are still effective solutions. One of them is to obtain portable battery fittings, as well as handheld LED fittings. The second way is especially convenient because a handheld, small lamp (e.g. model PELICAN LED) can shine continuously for several hours, has a wide viewing angle, and the whole thing does not require the use of batteries, because it is enough to use the charger.

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