Luminaire with sensor

When designing lighting, smart technology is also often used today. A lamp with a sensor is one of the most frequently chosen products, because it allows you to conveniently automate the moment of start-up, lighting time and, of course, it increases the safety of people who can benefit from good lighting of a given room or area.

This means that this type of device can work equally well inside a building, as well as outside - in this case, however, they must have the appropriate housing tightness class.

The lamp with a sensor can react to two types of stimuli. First of all, the sensors that are most often used in this type of lighting have the ability to detect movement. This happens when a new element appears within the range of the sensors that will move. Depending on the sensitivity settings of the device, it can react to the presence of people, e.g. small animals or vehicles, by illuminating the luminaire.

It is also worth mentioning that sensors of this type are sometimes also modified with a thermal sensor - this is to save energy, the greater consumption of which could be caused by moving inanimate objects (e.g. an intelligent vacuum cleaner or a ball that is playing nearby children).

The second type of device that has an intelligent system to recognize specific conditions and can independently activate its function is a lamp with a twilight sensor.

This technology allows the user to design economical and effective indoor and outdoor lighting, that will only turn on at a specific time. The lamp sensors measure the light intensity, compare the collected data with their software directives and decide autonomously whether the surrounding conditions can be considered twilight or are only the result of greater cloud cover. This solution is perfect for various seasons, that's why many entrepreneurs choose them for their investments.

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