Lighting audit

Lena Lighting how lighting audit looks

A professionally conducted lighting audit creates a lot of opportunities for the implementation of solutions aimed at checking the real savings from the modernization of the current light source system. These activities are carried out for both external and internal lamps and light fittings. Usually, the use of such a service is determined by:

  • the desire to create and implement more energy-efficient lighting installations,
  • the need to adapt the system to solutions enabling a better level of environmental protection,
  • the necessity to modernize and calculate the profitability of changes that would have to be potentially implemented.

What does a lighting audit consist of?

The whole process begins with the so-called local vision. It takes place on the premises of the facility that reported the need to assess the changes and the scope of the necessary modernization. During this preliminary stage, a team of specialists draws up, among other things, a list of all the luminaires in the audited facility.

Subsequently, the company conducting the lighting audit should proceed to:

  • developing proposals for changes that will guarantee better energy efficiency and at the same time will be able to meet the lighting requirements in a given facility,
  • calculation of electricity savings and the costs of purchasing the necessary elements and implementing them in the modernized installation,
  • prepare a detailed report for the client, discuss it and adequately present the alternatives and the differences between them,
  • delivery of the lighting chosen by the client (if the investor decides to install its own),
  • implementation of the new lighting project.

The result of the lighting audit and modernization implementation may reduce electricity consumption by a minimum of 30%. The final value of the benefits related to the improvement of the lighting installation depends, of course, on the individual parameters of this type of investment.

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