Where do I dispose of fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs, and used luminaires with LED panels?

The disposal and storage of used or damaged light bulbs depends on their type. Therefore, it is always worth checking what symbol is on the packaging and comply with EU guidelines.

Fluorescent Lamp

The biggest threat to humans is mercury and phosphor, which are available in all kinds of fluorescent lamps. For this reason, they should not be treated as municipal waste, but stored in specially designed places. Not only health reasons decide where fluorescent lamps should be stored, but also ecological or legal reasons. Since 1 July 2013, a new waste segregation system has been introduced in European Union countries. Used fluorescent lamps belong to so-called problematic waste. It is best to dispose of them in Municipal Waste Collecting Points or in special containers which reduce the risk of breakage and leakage of toxic substances into the environment (the list of locations can be found on the municipalities' websites). Such light sources can also be returned when buying new bulbs or taken to an electro-waste collection point.

Traditional light bulb

Traditional light bulbs do not use any hazardous substances, so we can safely throw them away in the containers for mixed waste. However, we can not store them in garbage cans intended for glass or plastics. Despite the fact that these bulbs are not harmful to the environment and the human body it is recommended to illuminate homes with energy-efficient light sources in the form of LED modules that will last for years, reduce electricity bills and do not require frequent replacement.

LED technology

Ecological and economical LED bulbs, thanks to their construction based on electroluminescent diodes, do not contain hazardous substances. Nevertheless, they should not be thrown away together with household waste, but placed in special containers or delivered to recycling centers.

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