Lighting in markets - how to increase sales with lighting?

Customer making purchasing decisions is unconsciously guided by many visual stimuli. Influence on the choice of a particular store or product has a properly selected lighting. Through the color of light, its power or lighting angle, we can create an atmosphere that unobtrusively promotes the available range. Visual merchandising is an important element of effective sales and helps to build a good brand image

Light has a huge impact on human health and well-being.It also plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere, e.g. by introducing harmony or stimulating to action. But it can also have a negative influence on us, e.g. overwhelming, irritating or demotivating. Commercial space is in this respect a very specific place. Lighting has many different functions in it.

On the one hand there are issues of appropriate visibility, on the other hand to influence purchasing decisions. Well-designed lighting is to relax the potential customer, make him feel comfortable, on the other hand attract attention and give him an impulse to purchase.

Light can do more than that:

  • atmosphere
  • make products chic
  • even create a certain drama in their presentation

but also skillfully guide the customer through the store.

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For this reason, different types of lighting are used in stores - main lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.
To promote a particular product decorators choose accent lighting. Its task is to attract the customer's eye, accurately illuminate the product and highlight its aesthetic qualities. Individual selection of light specifically for the nature of the product will increase its sales. For this purpose it is worth choosing spotlights, such as Expo Adjust by Lena Lighting. The luminaire has been designed for modern commercial interiors where it is important to emphasise equipment elements, expositions and to build atmosphere of the space with light.

Decorative lighting, as the name suggests, is meant to create a specific style of interior. With the use of light accents and knowledge about the impact of light on humans, the perception of commercial spaces and displayed articles can be changed. This is achieved not only by the parameters of the luminaire itself, but also by its design. A luminaire with an interesting, intriguing shape attracts attention and becomes an important element of interior design. It is worth taking a look at the luminaire Sizzano, which presents a modern design, and thanks to a harmonious composition of round shapes brings a sense of security and comfort. 

It is also important to have general lighting in the sales room, to make it easier for customers to function in the space, so they can easily see all passageways and interesting racks or hangers. As the main source of light the fittings from the BARIS LED. These are modern and energy-efficient luminaires with classic proportions and minimalistic design. They can be used to create light lines of up to 6 meters in length and spectacular light installations of various shapes.

LED lighting systems are very often used in commercial spaces. LED technology is characterized by low power consumption and high durability, which reduces the need for replacement or maintenance of equipment. Along with minimizing operating costs is also limited the negative impact on the environment. LED lighting also makes it possible to control luminous flux distribution, jego colors whether intensities. Intelligent light management systems The lighting can be adjusted to the time of day or year, the amount of natural light coming in from outside, as well as the amount of traffic in display windows or alleys. Installing such a system means additional savings in electricity consumption - as a result, electricity bills can drop by up to 40%.

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