Nahverkehr Schwerin Gmbh

Lighting modernisation for Nahverkehr Schwerin – a communication company in Germany.

The lighting modernisation for Nahverkehr Schwerin GMBH included modernisation of exterior and interior lighting. The choice of outdoor luminaires and adjusting the appropriate lighting to the conditions outside was very important from the point of view of safety and work comfort. So we used our TIARA LED luminaires, which fit perfectly into the landscape architecture, but most of all, thanks to specially adapted optics, ensure optimal lighting conditions. In addition to outdoor lighting, we also dealt with indoor lighting. Here we have chosen our TYTAN LED and TYTAN MULTI LED luminaires, which are known for their extremely high parameters and the ability to adapt to specific needs.

W Nahverkehr Schwerin GmbH we have installed:

  • 48 pcs of TIARA LED
  • 28 pcs of TYTAN LED
  • 65 pcs of TYTAN MULTI LED
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