Atlas LED

Atlas LED is a fitting with very high IP65 tightness and IK09 mechanical resistance.

Technical specifications

Light source
Colour temperature
Diffuser type
  • transparent
  • MAT
Mounting version
  • surface
  • surface or suspended
  • suspended
  • parkings and bicycle paths
  • industrial


Atlas LED is a fitting with very high IP65 tightness and IK09 mechanical resistance. The solution based on the integration of the diffuser and LED module is applied in the fitting. The fitting has a lot of facilities making the mounting easier and faster: the system of diffuser suspension, adjustable mounting brackets ensuring the mounting tolerance +/-40mm. Standard equipment of the fitting: clips made of stainless steel (INOX).


A multipurpose LED fitting is intended for use in areas where high dust and moisture resistance is required. Highly recommended to be used in industrial buildings, warehouses, car parks (underground and multilevel), sports stadiums, transport terminals, and underground passageways. Its construction is intended both for surface and suspended mounting. Adjustable mounting brackets (the mounting tolerance +/-40mm). The suspended diffuser is integrated with the LED module.


power [W]
temperature [K]
flux [lm]
ATLAS LED 36W          
36 4000 4400 MAT 1152/85/80 952043
36 4000 4500 transparent 1152/85/80 952005
ATLAS LED 44W          
44 4000 5620 MAT 1152/85/80 657399
44 4000 5850 transparent 1152/85/80 657351
ATLAS LED 47W          
47 4000 5900 MAT 1432/85/80 952050
47 4000 6000 transparent 1432/85/80 952012
ATLAS LED 57W          
57 4000 7020 MAT 1432/85/80 657405
57 4000 7320 transparent 1432/85/80 657368
Accessory nameIndex
TYTAN LED, ATLAS LED, INDUSTRY LED - adjustable handle (set of 2) 908200
TYTAN LED, ATLAS LED - protective grid 1152mm 907913
TYTAN LED, ATLAS LED - protective grid 1432mm 907920
ATLAS LED 1150mm 4500lm 840 - lighting module 952029
ATLAS LED 1450mm 6000lm 840 - lighting module 952036
ATLAS LED 1450mm 6000lm 840 MAT - lighting module 952074
ATLAS LED 1150mm 4500lm 840 MAT - lighting module 952067
Breathable gland gray M20*1.5 IP68 16000507
M16 stuffing box plug various PA black M-16 - BPM-21 60000006
Cable gland PG 13.5 Titanium PA 6.6 gray with nut 80000378
ATLAS LED 1150mm 5620lm 840 MAT - light module 657412
ATLAS LED 1150mm 5850lm 840 - light module 657375
ATLAS LED 1450mm 7020lm 840 MAT - light module 657429
ATLAS LED 1450mm 7320lm 840 - light module 657382

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