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Lighting power of the luminaire
  • 0-10W
  • 11-25W
  • 26-50W
  • 51-100W
  • 101-150W
  • Over 150W
Light source
  • LED
  • Traditional
  • UV-C
  • commercial
  • educational
  • HoReCa
  • medical
  • residential
  • parkings and bicycle paths
  • industrial
  • sports
  • art and culture
  • streets and roads
  • architectural
  • office
  • disinfection
  • phototherapy
  • public areas
Colour temperature
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 4100K
  • 5000K
  • 5500K
  • 5600K
  • 5700K
  • 5800K
  • 6000K
Luminous flux
  • 0-500lm
  • 501-1000lm
  • 1001-2000lm
  • 2001-5000lm
  • 5001-10000lm
  • Over 10000lm
Mounting version
  • recessed
  • surface
  • surface or suspended
  • side entry or post top
  • into the ground
  • track
  • suspended
  • side entry
  • post top
  • on a tripod or wall bracket
  • in a car
  • free-standing with cable
  • free-standing on a tripod
  • free-standing on a trolley / wheels
  • wall without cable
  • wall mounted with cable
  • wall mounted
Ingress protection IP
  • IP20
  • IP23
  • IP33
  • IP40
  • IP43
  • IP44
  • IP54
  • IP60
  • IP65
  • IP66
  • IP67
Electrical protection class
  • I
  • II
  • III
  • yes
  • no
Diffuser type
  • OPAL
  • PRM
  • transparent
  • perforated
  • MAT
  • milky
  • NPRM

Without good display, it is difficult to attract the attention of the audience. LED projectors are perfect for this role. You can use them as high-quality accent lighting that complements the main lighting effectively. You can use them as high-quality accent lighting that complements the main lighting. LED spotlights are also a remarkable addition that enhances the aesthetics of a space. They give walkways, stairs and terraces a modern look.

Attract attention with LED projectors from Lena Lighting

Attract attention with LED projectors from Lena Lighting offers reliable LED projectors and other accent lighting solutions. We sell a variety of lighting fixtures, including:

  • modernistic LED lights for driveways,
  • durable accent lighting,
  • energy-efficient luminaires for façade illumination.

As an experienced lighting manufacturer, we combine modern solutions with high energy savings. As a result, users can enjoy the ordered lamp models under all conditions. We guarantee that accent lighting from Lena Lighting is reliable - the selected product shades are made of polycarbonate and the aluminium LED projectors do not emit infrared radiation. All to be ready for hours of uninterrupted operation, as well as outdoor use. The range includes products suitable for room temperature as well as variable weather conditions.

Large selection of effective solutions

We offer accent lighting that connotes simplicity and reliability. The high-end led projectors available can be used with a trunking system. We also sell lamps that, depending on their intended use, emit strong, diffused light streams (models for illuminating pavements), effects of your choice (one- or two-way light streams in the case of lamps for architectural illumination).

What products can you find in the Lena Lighting catalogue? Among other things, we have discreet lighting for shop shelves, energy-saving lamps for façades, as well as outdoor sets for illuminating parks and recreational facilities. In the solutions we create, we focus on reliability and economy of use. So you can buy lamps from us that do not require the light source to be replaced even for several years. We also offer products with special protection against dust or water jets.


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