Luminaires for the paint shop - paint shop lighting

Each workplace should be adequately lit. This is due not only to the pre-determined standards, but also the safety, comfort and quality of the work performed. Some professions require precise lighting, this group includes painters. This profession is directly related to light, which strongly influences the perception of colors and shapes. High-quality frames facilitate the selection of shades and allow you to see any shortcomings that are invisible to the naked eye. The investment in the right lamps contributes to the increase of the comfort of work and the quality of the tasks performed.

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LED technology

In the case of a paint shop workplace, the more light in the room, the better. A strong light source with a wide angle of illumination will illuminate the entire surface. With such a large use of lighting, LED luminaires with high luminous efficiency are the best.This involves the consumption of less electricity, while maintaining the efficiency of the luminaire. The light emitting diodes are therefore energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

What to consider when choosing a light for a paint shop?

Due to the presence of explosive substances, solvents, or dust, the luminaires in the paint shop should be hermetic. The electrical installation itself should also be properly secured, preferably in recesses in the luminaire panels. In this way, we reduce the risk of creating a mixture of substances harmful to health. When working with precision and concentration, natural light is essential, which is why color temperature binding is best if it is 4000-4500K. It is an equally important color rendering index, to faithfully reproduce colors CRI must be as high as possible (minimum to 95 Ra). We must also remember about strong, directional lighting, which will provide us with the appropriate number of light points. In connection with intensity should be a minimum of 750lx.

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Lighting installation

The workplace should be illuminated from all sides, preferably in the form of an integrated light source, to be able to evenly illuminate the painted vehicle. It's good if the lighting system allows us to turn on the lighting in sections, just where we need it most. The lighting should be mounted in such a way that it does not cast a shadow on the painted surface during work. A good place to install the luminaires is the contact between the walls and the ceiling and in the corners at the floor level. In this way, the workstation will be well illuminated by the upper luminaires, and the subliminal, most difficult-to-reach places, vertical.

Hand lamps

In addition to general lighting, it is worth equipping the paint shop with hand lamps that will facilitate and speed up the work. One of the proposals is the Profi Slim Service Set 12W 230V luminaire from Lena Lighting, which, thanks to its handy and sealed housing, ensures comfort of use. The handles allow the lamp to be mounted anywhere, even under the hood of the car. It is a highly durable and energy-saving luminaire that will illuminate the surface with light that is comfortable for the eyes. If we are looking for a functional and lightweight hand lamp, let's take a look at the Avior LED CRI 95 luminaire. The battery lasts for 3.5 hours of work, with the flashlight function for up to 8 hours. We can use a magnet or a rotating hook to install the lamp. Light with a color index of 95 Ra allows the reflection of natural colors.

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