Lighting design

One of the most important elements in any interior is properly selected lighting. A carefully thought-out design will make the room functional and user-friendly. This process should be divided into several stages so that the final effect is as satisfactory as possible and meets all standards and assumptions.


To create a design concept, it is necessary to carefully analyze the place where the lighting will be installed. It is worth considering the layout of the room at such an early stage, not only when it comes to the ceiling or walls, but also the location of individual pieces of furniture and equipment. It will also allow you to plan the electrical installation along with a list of power supplies of appropriate power.

The analysis is also to lead to the determination of the appropriate lighting parameters. Luminaires should meet certain conditions, not only imposed by legal standards but also corresponding to the function that the light will fulfill in a given room. For this purpose, the following should be specified:

  • intensity
  • power
  • the color temperature of the light
  • degree of protection against glare
  • strobe effect.

Correctly selected lighting will allow for comfortable and safe work or rest.

There is also the quality aspect of the luminaires, their resistance to mechanical impact, tightness against moisture and dust. Gathering environmental information can be especially helpful:

  • what are the places that need to be illuminated for
  • under what weather conditions the lamps will operate
  • and who will use them.

The more information, the more precisely the fittings will be selected for the position. They should also be distinguished by high luminous efficiency, which will allow for years of use and savings on electricity.

This comprehensive analysis must also take into account the individual needs of the client and the arrangements for visual tasks that will be performed in a given room.

These include the term:

  • outline of the parts to be recorded
  • movement within the luminaires
  • and space layout
  • or possible reflections of light.


After collecting all data that resulted from the analysis, we select specific lighting fixtures, we decide on them parameters and placement. The concept must comply with the specification, relevant standards and take into account investment and operating costs. This project must not only combine all technical aspects, but also the aesthetic ones. It is necessary to know about the whole project, arrangement and interior finishing.


In the design phase decisions are made regarding the use of specific lamp models, lighting management system, arrangement and assembly. Cost calculation is also made. The work is completed with the preparation of a complete technical design and designation of activities at each stage of the investment.

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