What is VD?

Lena Lighting sequential power

The lighting market is a very dynamically developing industry. New, innovative projects, using energy-saving technologies, contribute to the care of the natural environment. Efficient and reliable LED modules are not only a system of light-emitting diodes, but also a power supply system, thanks to which we can use the lighting.

The voltage converters used so far for the power supply system were able to disrupt the electric network, and their durability depended on the quality of the components it was made of, which was associated with a higher price of the product. The answer to the new demand and a more efficient power source has become sequential power supply . This is a new, dynamically changing trend distinguished above all by long service life , even
up to 100,000 man-hours !

The system draws energy directly from the network does not need any additional device. This solution guarantees a much longer service life and affects the durability of the power supply system itself. If one of the components fails or burns out, the system is able to bypass it and continue working without interruption, which reduces service and operating costs.

The system itself prevents the system from overheating , thanks to which it does not interfere with the flow of electricity within the electrical network. It does not need an inrush current to start (even at very low temperatures, down to -40 ° C), which means no costs related to reactive power. Lower are also electrical installation costs as the power factor is close to unity (PF = 0.99). In addition, the system has overvoltage protection up to 0.5kV and a negligible level of harmonic emissions (THD <10%), i.e. the system does not interfere with the operation of other devices . Also noteworthy is very high efficiency electric at the level of 90% in the case of single-phase power, and up to 95% in the case of three-phase, which gives us savings on even 20% .

The sequential power supply system is the solution of the future in the field of LED technology.

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