What lamp for the garage?

The garage is used not only to park the car or perform minor repairs, it is also a place for storing and storing various items. This space not only protects the car from changing weather conditions, but is also used for everyday activities. So it is worth considering carefully what lighting to choose for the garage.

The garage is a space for parking the car, carrying out minor repair or car care works, and you can also store bicycles, home mortar or unworn clothes in it. That is why choosing the right garage lamps is so important. They will not only allow you to perform tasks in it comfortably and safely, but also to use the potential of the room.

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LED lamps for the garage

Until recently, fluorescent lamps were very popular. Their disadvantages include high operating expenses, they are susceptibility to voltage changes, high heat emissivity, and use of substances harmful to health. In this way, LED lighting replaced traditional light sources.

LED technology not only contributes to working in comfortable conditions but also has an impact on the safety and well-being of people in the room. It shows no susceptibility to temperature changes, does not flicker, is energy-saving and durable, and does not need additional time to obtain full lighting power. LED luminaires are environmentally friendly and reduce electricity bills and operating costs. The color of the lighting does not change under the influence of the change of voltage intensity.

When choosing LED lighting for the garage, you must not forget about the color of the light, it affects the fidelity of color rendering and the well-being of people in the room. In the garage, it is best to use a cold or neutral color. Cold light stimulates and helps to concentrate, and works well for work requiring concentration. Neutral light should be used for the main lighting in the garage, its color is closest to natural light.

How to choose the lighting for the garage?

LED garage lighting includes both indoor and outdoor fixtures. Their selection depends on the functions they are to perform in the room. When the garage is to act as a parking space, it is not worth investing in strong light. It is enough to purchase additional lighting, e.g. portable LED lamps for the garage, which in the case of small activities will serve as complementary lighting. If the garage is also used as a workshop, the light should be installed evenly and shine bright enough to be able to perform even the most detailed tasks without additional lighting.

As workshop lamps can be used ceiling lamps, suspended or surface-mounted. The most popular are linear LED luminaires, which give the possibility of adjusting the power and color of light and quick replacement in case of wear. The workshop is a place that is very often characterized by high humidity and dust. That is why it is worth investing in hermetic lamps, distinguished by high tightness and durability, also against mechanical damage.

Linear suspended luminaires are the most frequently used garage lamps, they allow you to connect luminaires and create long strings that can be adapted to the function and volume of the garage.

Suspended ceiling garage lamps may not be enough to illuminate the entire area of ​​the room. As an additional source of light, it is worth investing in surface-mounted luminaires that will strengthen the main lighting, and the angle of the light beam will allow you to reach extreme places.

Hermetic lamps, resistant to dust, humidity and mechanical damage, are equally popular. A highly hermetic lamp works well as outdoor lighting, where changing weather conditions do not affect the quality of its light. It is worth adding motion sensor, which will allow you to get the most out of your lighting.

As LED lamps for the garage, floodlights are perfect, as they can be a replacement for traditional halogen lamps. The main assumption in the design and construction of these luminaires was their durability and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions or mechanical impacts.

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The replacement for traditional halogen lamps is floodlights, which are perfect as LED lamps for the garage. Although in terms of appearance they are similar to each other, in terms of energy consumption and light output, the operation of the LEDs is much more favorable.

MAGNUM BATTERY from Lena Lighting provides even and stable directional lighting that will illuminate every nook and cranny of the garage. The luminaire is made of durable material and is available in several versions. The lamp is equipped with a 4-step luminous flux adjustment. In addition, it is possible to mount the lamp on a special tripod, which will increase the range and comfort of use. The set may include a charger and a capacious and durable battery that will last for over 37 hours of operation, and the compact design allows for convenient transport.

Garage lighting from Lena Lighting

Lena Lighting offers a wide selection of garage luminaires. We can find here both linear lamps as well as hermetic or surface-mounted lamps. They are available in several variants, the customer can choose the luminous flux, power, lighting angle or color temperature, so that the product is best suited to the function of the garage. These fittings are characterized by high tightness and durability to undesirable factors. It is also worth considering the selection of a motion sensor that will facilitate the operation outside and inside the garage and reduce electricity costs.

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