What lighting for the workshop?

Proper lighting in the car repair shop is essential for performing precise and engaging tasks. It affects not only the efficiency of employees, but also provides them with comfortable conditions and health. Of course, the issues of lighting are regulated by pre-established standards that define what lighting parameters should be provided in the workplace, i.e. also in the workshop. LED luminaires perfectly meet the conditions set out in the labor code. At the same time, they are durable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. So what lighting for the workshop should be chosen so that the work runs smoothly, that the light protects human health, and the electricity consumption is low?

Lena Lighting car workshop

Natural light is the most advantageous source of light. Workshops, due to their specificity, are not able to provide access to the right amount of daylight. In such a case, the workplace should be illuminated artificially. The main thing is to evenly arrange the fittings in the workshop. In the case of small works requiring precision, it is necessary to use a point light source. Lighting parameters should be adapted to the type of tasks performed and the function of a given room. Appropriate lighting in the car workshop affects the efficiency and comfort of work and helps to prevent accidents or mistakes.

In order to create a safe and favorable workplace, it is necessary to comply with health and safety standards, which define the type of light required at a specific position.

Here are some examples of lighting standards, depending on the job:

  • general light in car repair shop - 200 lux (lux)
  • sheet metal works - 300 lux
  • assembly work, which can be divided into coarse (200 lx), medium (300 lx) and exact (500 lx)
  • painting robots - 750 lux
  • corridors and other communication zones - 100 lux
  • break rooms - 200 lux

Until recently, fluorescent lamps were the most used lighting in the workshop. However, they had numerous disadvantages: they needed time to be fully illuminated, they had a stroboscopic effect and they contained harmful substances, e.g. mercury. Today, business owners are more likely to use LED technology.

Among its many advantages it is worth mentioning, among others at:

  • durability
  • energy saving
  • short total illumination time
  • and a much smaller surface heating up during use.

Furthermore, changes in voltage intensity do not affect lighting color. LEDs are also environmentally friendly and allow savings on electricity bills and on running costs.

Which lighting for the workshop should be chosen?

The workshop is a place where functionality plays a key role. Therefore, it is advisable to pay special attention to the main lighting in the workshop. It should illuminate the entire surface so that you can easily find the equipment you need for work. Basic support for the main lighting can be provided by spot lighting, used e.g. at work tables. They are also available with mobile lamps, the light beam of which allows you to reach even the darkest places.

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As workshop lamps can be used ceiling lamps, suspended or surface-mounted. The most popular linear LED luminaires, giving the possibility of power regulation and light color and quick replacement when worn.

A workshop is a place that is very often very humid and dusty. That is why it is worth investing in hermetic lamps, distinguished by high tightness and durability, also against mechanical damage.

We cannot forget to illuminate the car channel. This place has limited access to light, therefore it requires special attention and care. If we provide good lighting conditions, diagnostics and repair of the vehicle will be carried out quickly and efficiently. In this case, it is worth using portable LED floodlights, their housings are sealed and resistant have unfavorable working conditions. They emit a large amount of light, but this does not translate into high heat perception. When the car channel does not have access to the socket, you can use rechargeable fittings for lighting. Let's not forget about the headlamps, which will leave our hands free and illuminate the point where we direct our eyes.

Lighting for the workshop from Lena Lighting

Industrial lamps from Lena Lighting are perfect for main lighting in the workshop. A diverse selection of models gives the customer the freedom to choose the luminaire that will meet his requirements and adjust to the room's volume. These lamps use LED technology, which guarantees intense light and adjusts light distribution depending on the workshop function. In addition, they are characterized by high tightness and resistance to external factors.

The catalog also includes a wide range of floodlights, also using LED technology. This type of luminaires consumes much less energy than traditional halogen lamps, which has a positive effect on their lifetime and impact on the natural environment. Their high durability makes them lamps resistant to adverse conditions. They are perfect for working in a workshop where conditions change dynamically. Note the MAGNUM BATTERY by Lena Lighting, it is one of the strongest portable LED floodlights on the market.

It guarantees stable and even directional lighting, and its compact design allows for convenient transport. In addition, it is possible to increase the comfort and scope of use by mounting the lamp on a specially designed tripod. The set includes a charger and a Bosch Professional 18 V System battery.

As lighting for the car channel it is worth using lamps from the Profi Service. Thanks to the swivel hook and the flexible holder, the luminaires can also be mounted vertically. Their luminous flux reaches even 1,200 lm. Luminaires are also used in varnishing works, where high color rendering index is required.

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