How to increase the comfort of working with Lena Lighting lamps?

Office, industrial or workshop lamps - a wide selection of luminaires for various types of work is the specialty of Lena Lighting, a Polish manufacturer of comprehensive lighting systems. A team of professional experts and a modern research center have been working on optimizing lighting efficiency for years. They know how properly selected lamps affect the safety and comfort of work of employees. Regardless of the type of orders performed, the technology from Lena Lighting will meet even the most demanding tasks. Materials that meet the highest standards, appropriate luminous flux, unique design and the possibility of installing an intelligent lighting control system - all these solutions contribute to the mission of increasing the comfort of work.

Natural light is the most optimal source of light for human eyes, but in many spaces where we work, only a small amount of it reaches. This state of affairs forces employers to supplement the workplace with artificial lighting that meets all health and safety standards. When choosing lamps for work, particular attention must be paid to the intensity of light, luminance distribution, glare, flickering, light directivity, color rendering and color temperature of lighting, as well as energy efficiency.

It is very important to evenly distribute the lighting in the workplace. The main light often does not illuminate a specific place and is not a very economical solution. In this case, it is worth using spot lighting that can be individually adapted to the needs of employees and the tasks they perform. By ensuring work comfort and safety, we have a positive impact on the efficiency and creativity of employees. An incorrect light source has a negative impact on the efficiency of employees and is conducive to the occurrence of accidents and errors.

Office lighting to support work in front of the computer screen

Working in the office involves hours spent in front of a computer screen. Our eyesight is not only exposed to the harmful effects of blue radiation, but also to the selection of inappropriate lighting fittings that do not meet the requirements of the labor code. According to health and safety regulations, a workstation with a computer must have access to daylight. The larger the office space, the greater the number of windows in the room should be.

Regardless of daylight, the workplace should be equipped with lamps illuminating the space. The light intensity, according to the standards, should reach 500 lux when it comes to lighting the place with the monitor. The entire room where the workplace is located should be at least 300 Lux. It is also worth making sure that there is no directional lighting in this space that would reflect off the computer screens.

Lamps from the BARIS from Lena Lighting are unique products that can be used as the main light source in the office space. The representative appearance and the possibility of connecting the control system make this luminaire an energy-saving light source, as well as an interesting element of interior design.

Lamp collection COMPACT LED and SQ LED is designed for surface and flush mounting. It is available in the version with the DALI system, intelligent lighting control and the CORRIDOR , which allows you to adjust the light intensity depending on changing conditions. Thanks to the prismatic optics, it ensures a low glare.

Industrial lighting - how to illuminate large workplaces?

In industrial rooms, lighting must be provided in accordance with Polish health and safety standards. These regulations define what light is required at a given workplace and what conditions it should meet to protect the employee's eyesight and ensure safety and comfort at work.

These standards pay special attention to the intensity and distribution of luminance. They affect the speed of reaction and the quality of vision. Any failure in this respect leads to glare and reduced ability to recognize objects. Equally important factors are the color rendering and the color of light. The higher the value of the color rendering index, the more faithful the color is to the original.

Lamp series TYTAN 2 LED is dedicated especially to illuminate industrial and warehouse halls. Their design is adapted to quick and easy surface or pendant mounting. TYTAN 2 LED has ENEC. To receive it, you must have the confirmed high quality of the product, complying with the stringent European standards in the field of electrical safety.

In Lena Lighting's offer, an important item in the industrial lamps category is OCULUS LED . Its body, heat sink and high-quality materials allow for heat dissipation from the LED module. It shows high luminous efficiency, which helps to achieve the required level of lighting and significantly reduces electricity bills.

Lighting for the workshop - where precision and detail are the most important?

The workshop is primarily to be a functional place, so that you can easily find the tools necessary for work and carry out the planned work. Such facilities are often filled with moisture, dust and dirt. Therefore, here it is worth getting lamps with a high class of tightness, as well as resistance to mechanical damage.

Many of the work in the workshop is done in dark places where the light from the ceiling luminaires does not reach. Then it is worth reaching for other light sources in the form of hand lamps, floodlights or headlamps.

Luminaires from Lena Lighting increase the comfort of work. They are often used in workshops as direct lighting. They are characterized by high durability, strong luminous flux and long service life. For example, when painting works, or at the engine compartment, where both hands are necessary, lamps PROFI SERVICE . Their luminous flux reaches even 1,200 lm.

The workshop should also be equipped with floodlights. MAGNUM BATTERY from Lena Lighting is an intense light source that will illuminate any space. Provides uniform and stable directional lighting. The wireless MAGNUM BATTERY is made of durable plastic and comes in several size variants. Its compact design allows for convenient transportation. It is compatible with the Bosch Professional 18V system. We can also choose a Bosch battery that can work without recharging for up to 37 hours.

Lamps for the construction site - increasing the safety and comfort of work

Lighting the construction site is a factor that influences the efficiency and comfort of work. It is subject to strict legal standards to protect the safety of employees. Light sources must additionally meet a few basic rules: illuminate dangerous places, escape routes and gates placed before the crossing of roads with overhead power lines. Although construction sites are largely illuminated by natural light, to increase the comfort of work, it is worth equipping them with artificial lighting that will illuminate hard-to-reach places.

Lena Lighting magnum future

Products from the family “ future ”:

Luminaires with a spherical shape ( SITE LITE FUTURE LED ), with a light distribution of 360 °, will illuminate the entire room.Floodlights MAGNUM FUTURE LED provide strong directional light that does not cause glare. For larger construction sites, the FUTURE LINE LED lighting lines, powered from a single socket, can illuminate a space up to 120 m long. This product has been designed for quick installation, even in the most unusual places. The light beam can be freely adjusted within the string of light.

UV-C STERILON safe air disinfection

Lena Lighting's answer to the question: how to increase the comfort of work in such difficult pandemic times have become lamps UV-C STERILON , which use ultraviolet light to remove viruses, bacteria and other microbes from the surface. Disinfection consists in irradiating the air flowing through the lamp chamber with UV-C rays. Then the cleaned one is forced into the room. Ultraviolet light does not go outside, so the lamp can work in the presence of people inside. Ideally suited to office spaces, beauty salons, doctor's offices and hospitals.

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