What building lamps for construction?

Appropriate, directional and intense lighting on the construction site affects the efficiency and comfort of work. It must be adapted to the current legal requirements and health and safety rules. An important factor when choosing lighting for the construction site is also the selection of products that will last for years and will consume a very small amount of electricity. Well-designed artificial lighting improves the performance of tasks and extends the working day at the construction site.

Legal standards regulating lighting on the construction site

Lighting of the construction site is regulated by legal standards. When planning and allocating a workplace, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the principles of occupational health and safety (OHS). The source of knowledge about the prevailing requirements is the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of 6 February 2003. The regulations provide for several basic rules that are strictly regulated by law: lighting of a dangerous place, an escape route and a gate placed before the intersection of roads with overhead power lines.

These regulations also cover the phenomena that cannot occur when lighting a construction site:

  • glare
  • change of color of characters or disturbance of reception of signals / characters
  • strobe effect
  • elongated shadows

When choosing lighting for the construction site, it is also worth taking into account the durability and lifetime of the luminaires. Lamps with LED diodes will work best here, as they have an extended service life and are very functional in use and improve the comfort of work. LEDs consume very little energy and emit a strong light beam. In addition, they faithfully reproduce colors and do not tire the human eye.

Lena Lighting construction site

The construction site is a dynamically changing place where both safety and work comfort play an important role. Although the main lighting is natural light, in order to increase the comfort of work and greater safety, it is worth illuminating hard-to-reach places with artificial light on the construction site.

Lighting on the construction site from Lena Lighting?

The FUTURE LED series from the Polish manufacturer of lighting fixtures Lena Lighting deserves attention. It is distinguished by high lighting parameters, top-class technology, and practical design.

Portable floodlights from the MAGNUM FUTURE family or in the battery version of MAGNUM BATTERY are a solution that will be perfect for construction sites. Lamps enable illumination of any chosen place and allow illumination of the escape route. The quantitative selection of luminaires and their power depends on the area of the construction site. Even distribution of lighting allows for more precise work and avoiding accidents and errors.

Lena Lighting magnum family

Spherical luminaires that illuminate the entire room will work well on the construction site. Such lamps SITE LITE FUTURE or FUTURE BALL show high resistance to damage, humidity and dust. The ACCU version allows the lamps to work in the event of a power outage.

At large construction sites, lighting lines powered from a single socket will prove useful, as they will be energy-saving, and at the same time will be able to illuminate a space up to 120 m long, equipped with 40 points of light source. The LINE version was created for quick assembly, even in the most unusual places on the construction site. The U-shaped design allows the luminaires to be hung not only on a rope, but also on pipes or fencing. As part of the light string, you can freely adjust the lighting angle. The model is resistant to dust and humidity, so it can be used both inside and outside.

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