Emergency luminaire - how to choose it?

Emergency lighting is one of the key elements required in many public buildings. The entire installation should be highly efficient and long-lasting. That is why it is so important to choose the right luminaires that will meet all the requirements.

Lighting is essential in any situation where the light source fails due to failure. At this point, the operation of the basic luminaires is taken over by the emergency power supply, and thus these installations must be independent of each other.

Emergency lighting includes emergency lighting and backup lighting. The latter must ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a failure, as if the primary lighting was still operating in its normal mode. The emergency lighting frame includes:

  • lighting of the high-risk zone - minimal access to light for people in the zone of potential hazards resulting from their work, the standards specify that it is 10% of operational intensity and not less than 15 lx;
  • lighting of the open zone - used where there is a risk of panic during a failure, ensures safe passage to a place where more people may be present, applies to garage, fair, industrial halls,
  • lighting of the escape route - perfect marking of exit routes to guide people to evacuation, the average intensity should be 1 lx.
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There are many models of emergency luminaires on the market, but due to the functions they are to perform, it is worth taking into account their effectiveness and standards, not price. In an emergency, it is not difficult to panic, which is why correctly marked escape routes are so important. At this point, the most important thing is the safety of people in the building than the savings that we can make on the purchase of emergency lighting.


When choosing emergency lighting, it is worth choosing LED technology. LED bulbs last longer than traditional ones and need to be replaced less often. In addition, LED lighting consumes much less energy, which will reduce operating costs.


Emergency lighting requires constant control and technical supervision. In this case, it is important to select an appropriate monitoring system for individual elements of the entire installation. This will allow for regular verification of the lighting condition and for a quick reaction in the event of any failure.

Emergency systems from Lena Lighting are a guarantee of obtaining lighting made of the highest quality materials, and at the same time energy-saving. The company produces luminaires that are suitable for surface or ceiling mounting, as well as for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the integrated LED panel, operating costs can be significantly reduced while maintaining high efficiency. In the event of a breakdown, lighting lamps from Lena Lighting will illuminate the space and allow for safe evacuation from the building that has lost the power supply.

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