LED panel and LED raster - use

High-quality lighting is essential for many facilities, with particular emphasis on hospitals and other medical facilities and office spaces. For this reason, you should have high-quality equipment. LED panels and louvers are very often chosen.

Why is it worth betting on this particular solution?

Louvre fittings are still used very often on the market.

What are they?

Louvers are rectangular (sometimes square) luminaires most often used in offices. They have a distinctive appearance. Namely, their interior is full of light-reflecting elements. It may be associated with inserting mirror elements into the lamp. As a result, louvres can shine more brightly over a larger area.

Rasters have been used for several dozen years. They were most often fitted with fluorescent lamps and were an excellent alternative to standard incandescent lamps. They are used to this day in places where intense lighting is very important, i.e. shops, offices etc. Their feature is even light distribution, which makes them an excellent proposition for various workplaces.

It was a perfect solution at one time. Today, however, you can meet a different, more modern approach to the subject. Namely, you can invest in LED lighting panel.

Why do people choose LED technology?

This is mainly due to the very low operating costs . Despite the seemingly higher purchase cost, the surprisingly low energy consumption and phenomenal lifetime sometimes reaching several years (in the case of one bulb) make it currently difficult to find a more cost-effective solution for your business than LED. For example, you can say that the equivalent of a 50 watt incandescent lamp will be an approx. 10 watt LED bulb emitting the same amount of light.

The LED panel looks very similar to a raster luminaire. Low energy consumption allows the brand to significantly reduce the costs associated with electricity. They are usually equipped with LEDs that are characterized by good color reproduction and an intense beam of light. Today's times, however, have found an equally interesting solution, which is the LED louvre.

While standard louvres usually used fluorescent lamps, today's models also take into account fluorescent lamps, but LED ones. Thanks to them, you can put on perfect savings in places where previously used fluorescent bulbs. Louvre luminaires often have standard sizes, so you can easily replace the lighting in your company so that the amount of work is as small as possible. Louvers are only fixtures, therefore, unlike LED panels, a bulb failure does not result in the need to replace the entire panel.

When thinking about the choice, it is worth answering the question - how long will you use a given lighting?

If you do not plan to change your seat, then raster fittings will be a better solution. It is always worth using high-quality products, so we invite you to check the offer Lenalightning.com

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