Sequential LED power supply

Lena Lighting led power supply

Advantages of a sequential LED power design

Simplicity of design
no typical power supply / driver, light modules are powered directly from the mains - 230V

Thermal safety of the power supply system
The implemented thermal protection automatically prevents damage to the power supply system after reaching the maximum temperature level.

Service life & lt; 20 years
The use of semiconductor elements and the elimination of electrolytic capacitors significantly affects the durability of the power supply system - while maintaining the nominal conditions, the estimated working time is up to 20 years.

Native overvoltage protection
Implemented native overvoltage protection up to 0.5kV.

Power Factor ~ 0.99
Power Factor up to 0.99.

No inrush current
No need to adapt the power system (cabling, protection) to the required higher inrush current of the luminaires.

Working temperatures down to -40 ° C
Problem-free ignition at very low temperatures, even -40 ° C.

Flicker 100%
Lamps should not be used when working with machines that use moving parts.

Check out our lamps with LED sequential power supply:

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