Altezzo L 150 is a family of outdoor lamps with a modern design. We offer them in five dimensions - with heights ranging from 2500 mm to 5000 mm. Their design provides for customization of the lamp according to the guidelines of the designer or architect. The lamp element containing the light module can be oriented parallel to the illuminated plane. In addition, the profile itself can bifurcate. As a result, as many as four light module elements can be mounted on a single post - one on each plane of the post - at the same or different heights.

The compact (150 mm x 150 mm), square-shaped profile of Altezzo lamps is impact-resistant (IK09). It was made of aluminum in graphite color (RAL 7016). The light module consists of leds with a life span of up to 196,000 h, with lenses made of PMMA and a durable polycarbonate diffuser.

The Altezzo lamp is available with dozens of types of light distribution. The designer has the opportunity to choose one that will ensure not only that the stringent standards are met, but also that adequate, energy-efficient lighting and safety for users.


The wide range of wattages, luminous fluxes and light distributions in the Altezzo L 150 lamp series allow the projketing of energy-efficient lighting both on roads, sidewalks, parking lots, residential streets or walking alleys. Versions with smaller wattages will work well in parks and gardens to illuminate small architecture.

Lamps are designed for operation in very low and high temperatures from -30˚C to +50 ˚C and in harsh weather conditions. They are characterized by very high IP65 tightness.

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