Magnum Battery L

Compact and light LED floodlight for professional use.

Technical specifications

Light source
Colour temperature


Compact and light LED floodlight for professional use. It provides uniform and stable directional lighting. Made of impact-resistant polypropylene (PP). Anti-glare diffuser made of polycarbonate (PC), transmits up to 80% of the light emitted by the diodes. The smaller size and compact design make it convenient to transport. It is equipped with a movable, multi-position arm also acting as a hook It has a switch with 4-step luminous flux control. It can be mounted on a Future Stand, significantly increasing the range and comfort of use.

Magnum Battery L is also available as a set with a capacious, branded and durable battery and charger. The battery is compatible with other Bosch devices.

Battery-powered version
Operating modes for battery-based operation:
2Ah Battery:

• 1000 lm, working time: 5h
• 3800 lm, working time: 1h 15min
• 5650 lm, working time: 45min
• 9250 lm, working time: 25min

5Ah Battery:
• 1000 lm, working time: 12h
• 3800 lm, working time: 3h 20min
• 5650 lm, working time: 2h
• 9250 lm, working time: 1h 10min


It can be used as a workplace luminaire to illuminate workplaces, workshops or garages.

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Nominal power [W]Colour temperature [K]Luminous flux [lm]BatteryBattery capacity [mAh]Index
70 4000 9250 - - 249259
70 4000 9250 Bosch 18V 2 249266
70 4000 9250 Bosch 18V 2 249365
70 4000 9250 Bosch 18V 2 249372
70 4000 9250 Bosch 18V 2 249389
70 4000 9250 Bosch 18V 2 249396

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