Investment premises - which lighting will work best?

Arrangement of an investment premises is of key importance for creating the image of a given place, product display and acquiring potential customers. One of the elements creating space is properly selected lighting.

Due to geographic conditions, changes in the season, and the very nature of the interior, artificial light is most often used to illuminate shop windows, counters, tables, and shelves. Service premises very often do not have full access to daylight, so the main lighting should emit neutral, as close to natural light as possible. To illuminate specific surfaces it is worth using spotlighting, and highlighting selected items. We should also remember that the task of lighting is even distribution of the luminous flux, which will be able to illuminate the entire room, without leaving dark places or with a different color of light.

General lighting

Hanging lamps look impressive in large, high rooms. They give elegance and style, and at the same time evenly illuminate the interior. Despite the fact that they are quite universal luminaires, they will not work everywhere. In premises with too low ceilings it is better to use surface-mounted lamps . Hanging lamps can be used above counters, tables, in restaurants, cafes, galleries or showrooms. They can also act as one or more main light sources.

One of such lamps is the latest proposal from Lena Lighting, the Sizzano lamp. It is a luminaire with an interesting, geometric composition, gentle, rounded shapes, which is perfect for any space. Thanks to the possibility of creating various color versions, it gives great personalization possibilities.

Accent lighting

For general lighting, it is best to use ceiling lighting. The strip with a few spotlights, the lighting angle of which can be changed by ourselves, will allow the room to be illuminated and items displayed. The modern form is lighting built into the ceiling. Subtly hidden fixtures will fit into any space and intensely illuminate the entire room.

Expo Adjust from Lena Lighting is a luminaire system placed on rail on which projectors are mounted, enabling free arrangement modifications. The ZOOM version, regulating the lighting angle, allows you to adapt the light to change the decor of the exhibition. The luminaire is used in the field of accent lighting in commercial facilities or galleries.

Lena Lighting expo adjust

LED luminaires

In investment area, LED fittings will work best. They consume approx. 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs, thanks to which we will save on operating costs. Thanks to lower power consumption, they are environmentally friendly and last for years of use. LEDs can also be selected in terms of color of light, it all depends on the function of the lighting in the room. In cafes or restaurants where we want to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere, it is worth choosing a warm color. When showcases, exhibits or counters it is better to install fixtures emitting cooler light.

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