Colour temperature - application

When choosing light for apartments, offices, warehouses or workshops, it is also worth taking into account the color temperature - it is a factor that largely determines the comfort and precision of our work. Warm, cool or natural light, each of them has a different effect on our well-being (stimulates, relaxes, concentrates) and the perception of the environment (perception of colors, shapes). In the autumn and winter period, we especially use light artificial, which should be fully matched to the activities we perform and the functions of the room in which it is located.

Lena Lighting tunable white

The color temperature is specified in Calvin, and the values for different light sources are as follows:

  • 2800K - very warm white (incandescent) color
  • 3200K - the color of the incandescent light of studio lamps
  • 4000K - white color
  • 5000K - cool white color
  • 6500K - day color

This division shows that warm light has a value below 3300K, and cold light above 5000K. The interval between is defined as the so-called color. neutral. When choosing the color temperature of lighting, special attention should be paid to the purpose of the place. There is a wide range of products on the market with different lighting parameters, and there is sure to be one that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Cold light

Any cool colors provide stimulation and therefore are eagerly used at work. Places such as warehouses, production halls or workshops where continuous concentration and mindfulness is required are usually equipped with cold light luminaires. This type of lighting can also be found in shopping malls, shop windows, on shelves, in places where products attracting the attention of potential customers are presented.

White light

White light is the most color temperature like sunlight. Due to its universalism, it is very often used in various types of interiors. It will be especially useful where we want to reflect real colors, in the bathroom where we paint or in the wardrobe, where we choose our outfit. This color also promotes physical activity, therefore we can meet her at gyms, fitness rooms or a swimming pool.

Warm light

When we want to relax and mute, we best equip our space with warm light. Luminaires emitting such light give the interior a unique atmosphere, which is why they are so eagerly arranged in living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms.

What to do when a room requires both cool and warm light?

In the bedroom in the morning it is best to be fresh and energized, when we come back after work we want to relax and rest. The same applies to the bathroom, in the morning, when we are getting ready to go out, we need cool light, in the evening, when we take a relaxing bath, it is best to emit warm light. The use of several light sources could be troublesome and expensive, in such a case it is worth choosing a smart lighting control system that will allow you to adjust the color temperature to your current needs. The system uses LED bulbs, the parameters of which can be managed by the application.

Lena Lighting smartphone

Intelligent ClueIn from Lena Lighting is a solution that analyzes factors such as the presence of people, weather conditions, time of day or the amount of natural light in the room. It ensures perfect adaptation of lighting installations to the current needs and to the natural biorhythm of humans, which is closely dependent on daylight. In combination with modern LED lamps produced by Lena Lighting, the system also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce electricity costs.

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