When is an emergency and evacuation lighting required?

Emergency lighting is one of the priority things in public buildings. It is used to support light sources during a power failure in the primary circuit of the electrical network. It enables quick evacuation from the place where the incident took place. Nowadays it is a required standard, determined by predetermined norms.

The provisions on emergency lighting are specified in the PN-EN 1838 standard, which specifies emergency lighting and backup lighting as components of emergency lighting.

Evacuation is to illuminate the way for safe and quick exit from the building in the event of failure of the primary lighting.

The backup is to increase security in the event of a harmful situation and to enable the efficient completion of the necessary actions.

Due to lower technical requirements, backup lighting cannot be replaced by other parts of the installation . Light sources should come from two independent energy streams. They are to be helpful in the event of sudden voltages in the electrical network, which could pose a threat to human health and life, and would also pose a threat to the environment and material property.

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In accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 on the technical conditions to be met by emergency lighting in buildings and its arrangement, they must be equipped with additional light sources:

  • auditoriums, including cinemas, theaters, philharmonics
  • conference rooms, entertainment venues, sports halls for over 200 people
  • exhibition halls in museums
  • rooms with an area of 1000 m2 lit only by artificial light
  • rooms with an area of more than two 2000 m2 in public utility buildings, collective residence buildings as well as production and storage buildings
  • on escape routes lit only by artificial light
  • in hospitals and other buildings intended primarily for the use of people with reduced mobility
  • in buildings, temporary tents, if they are intended for entertainment purposes or other gatherings of people.

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