Energy saving

Lower power consumption also means lower cost of access to this basic medium. This is particularly important when we consider the industrial perspective.

Saving energy in the workplace should not, however, deteriorate the quality of the conditions for performing tasks, therefore it is very closely related to making an investment. A very good example is the outdoor and indoor lighting of buildings. Obsolete technology, poor selection of lamps and ineffective use of the potential of lighting fixtures mean that the costs of maintenance, and thus also production, increase significantly. However, making changes to the electrical installation is a one-off cost and great prospects for reducing electricity consumption - in some cases even by several dozen percent.

It is worth paying attention, first of all, to the technology used by lighting, because it hides the potential for energy savings.

LED panels are a very good example, because their performance and the demand for electricity is even several times lower than in the case of other luminaires and light sources. The scale of the benefits of using the latest technology can vary greatly. Much depends on how much innovation the investment will be and what will be its final application - for private purposes, and maybe for the use of industrial facilities.

Saving energy means many different things and factors. In the case of LED technology, it is associated with less electricity consumption with the same lighting time and a similar light intensity. Benefits can also be brought by activities such as:

  • use smart technology controlling electrical devices (it allows e.g. for precise use of lighting depending on the needs),
  • installation of lamps with sensors (e.g. time or motion),
  • investment in equipment with a better energy efficiency class, eg A ++,
  • execution lighting audit, preparing a project to improve electrical efficiency and implementing it (this action can be outsourced to a professional company that will also propose several solutions and details the energy saving prospects associated with the chosen option.

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