Suspended luminaires

The range of suspended luminaires is one of the more frequently chosen offers by both private and business customers.

Currently, these products are designed both for modern and minimalist interiors, as well as with the use of classic design. The arrangement of office and home rooms can therefore gain a lot from this type of lighting - the versatility of their use allows for almost any implementation of even the boldest concepts and ideas.

Suspended lamps, used as arrangement accessories, can play the role of central lighting, as well as spot lighting, or decorative. Nothing prevents the color of the glow they generate from having a different color.

Thanks to the use of LED technology, the selection of a model that will be characterized by an interesting design and low electricity consumption is extremely easy here - the appropriate type of this type of luminaires for the kitchen, office, bathroom, office or dining room can be found in the offer of every good brand.

Energy-saving LED pendant luminaires also mean greater safety of use and product life. Unlike halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps, these types of lamps do not use harmful elements. What's more, pendant lighting is a great alternative to many classic fixtures mounted above the table, both in decorative and practical terms. The quality is guaranteed here, among others, by:

  • optical system (prismatic or opal diffuser)
  • presence of indirect light effect
  • possibility of connection with motion sensors and remote control
  • adjustment to the needs of hotel, restaurant, service, and commercial facilities.

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