We change visual identity

New logotype, external identity and website. The introduced changes reflect our new strategy, in which we focus even more on design and ecology.

Through the new identity, we would like to express that modern lighting is – in addition to functional and visual values – also a crucial element of sustainable design, which is a response to global climate change. We use all our knowledge, production capabilities and the latest technology to offer the most energy-efficient lighting. We also want to bring value in terms of unique design. The new visual identity reflects the directions we are following.

The essence of the changes has been included in the new logo. Its design is now brighter and lighter. We focused on harmony, minimalism and unique typography. Our commitment to unique design and pro-environmental values has been clearly emphasised. The website has also changed. The new website has not only been given a modern graphic design, but also features a number of practical functions. Its design has been based on the latest User Experience trends and research conducted in many countries. We have also introduced a new colour scheme. The monochrome logotype symbolises mature design, conscious minimalism and focus on the most important issues. In turn, the colours dedicated to individual departments are to reflect the uniqueness of team, consisting of personalities with different skills and talents, which is the most valuable asset of Lena Lighting.

See how our identification has changed over time.

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