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UV-C Sterilon Max cares about children’s safety

Our largest air disinfection luminaire has been put up in the Funmilia Playroom and Trampoline Park in Środa Wielkopolska. Thanks to the technology that uses ultraviolet light, the
UV-C Sterilon Max removes viruses, bacteria and mould from the environment. This super-efficient, free-standing luminaire has been designed specifically for the needs of large occupied rooms. The luminaire’s operation is very quiet, which ensures maximum comfort of use. It is an ideal solution for schools, health care facilities, public facilities and entertainment venues.

As standard, UV-C Sterilon Max is available in two colour versions: white with graphite elements and black. However, it is possible to order an individual design, adapted to the nature of the facility. This is exactly the case of the luminaire which cares about Funmilia’s guests’ safety.

Airflow disinfection luminaires emitting ultraviolet (UV-C) light are one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria, mould from the surface or destroying the DNA or RNA of any exposed microorganisms. As the disinfection process takes place inside the luminaire’s body, these devices can operate safely in the presence of people and animals.

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