Tytan Multi LED is a fitting from the NEXT GEN line, which is a new generation of fittings in LED technology. The fitting, designed from scratch, allows new solutions to improve the light distribution and temperature balance. Branded LED diodes and new LED modules have an influence on a very high luminous efficacy: up to 175 lm/W. It guarantees the best-required lighting level and energy-saving up to 68%. The solution based on the integration of the diffuser and LED module is applied in the fitting. The fitting has a lot of facilities making the mounting easier and faster: the system of diffuser suspension, adjustable mounting brackets ensuring the mounting tolerance +/-40mm. Standard equipment of the fitting: clips made of stainless steel (INOX). Motion sensor mounting height: up to 5 meters.

The MULTI luminaire version allows individual configuration: thanks to the built-in microswitch, it is possible to choose one of four settings (nominal power of the fitting [W] / luminous flux of the fitting [lm]):

  • 13W-24W - 1. 13W/2500 lm; 2. 17W/3150 lm; 3. 20W/3750 lm; 4. 24W/4350 lm;
  • 26W-47W - 1. 26W/5000 lm; 2. 33W/6250 lm; 3. 40W/7500 lm; 4. 47W/8700 lm;
  • 21W-29W - 1. 16W/3150 lm; 2. 21W/3900 lm; 3. 25W/4700 lm; 4. 29W/5450 lm;
  • 33W-59W - 1. 33W/6300 lm; 2. 41W/7850 lm; 3. 50W/9350 lm; 4. 59W/10900 lm.


The multifunctional LED lamp is designed for use in areas with high requirements for dust and water resistance. Especially recommended for lighting public facilities, including hospitals, educational facilities, halls, garages, passages, warehouses, shops, food industry, commercial and industrial facilities (factories, laboratories), warehouses, parking lots (underground and multi-level), sports stadiums, transport terminals, and underground passages. The luminaire is ideal for new lighting applications as well as replacing traditional fluorescent luminaires with energy-saving LED solutions. Its design is adapted for surface and suspended mounting.

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