Oculus LED Mini UGR

A HIGH-BAY luminaire from the NEXT GEN product line, constituting a new generation of luminaires dedicated to LED technology.

Technical specifications

Light source
Colour temperature
Diffuser type
Mounting version
  • surface
  • surface or suspended
  • suspended


A HIGH-BAY luminaire from the NEXT GEN product line, constituting a new generation of luminaires dedicated to LED technology. The designed-from-scratch body – made of die-cast aluminium and powder-coated – uses natural conduction and convection processes, which have a positive effect on the luminaire’s heat management. The shape of the body with an integrated, effective heat sink and high-quality materials ensure maximum heat dissipation from the LED module. The driver’s external compartment, separated from the body, guarantees optimal thermal working conditions for the power supply system. This enables the luminaire to work at an ambient temperature of max 55°C. LEDs from a reputable manufacturer and new LED modules enable very high luminous efficiency. This guarantees that the required lighting level and significant energy savings are achieved. The diffuser and optical system are composed of precise lenses made of polycarbonate (PC). Standard equipped with a 0.3 m long H07RN-F cable terminated with an additional male and female connector, which makes the assembly easier and more convenient. Its design is adapted for suspended mounting and surface mounting (ceiling and wall) requiring the use of additional accessories.

A UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of less than 19 minimizes the effect of glare affecting well-being, reducing fatigue and fewer mistakes.


The luminaire is designed for suspended mounting using chains, ropes, etc. and with the use of additional accessories also surface-mounted (ceiling and wall) indoors. It works perfectly in factories and production halls as well as large-scale warehouses and logistics centers.

Other products from the Oculus LED

Rated power of the luminaire [W]Colour temperature [K]Luminous flux [lm]DIMM DALIWorking temperature [°C]Dimensions [mm]Index
74 4000 11300 - 55 107/320 561306
74 4000 11300 yes 55 107/320 561344
109 4000 15900 - 55 107/320 561313
109 4000 15900 yes 55 107/320 561351
129 4000 18700 - 50 107/320 561320
129 4000 18700 yes 50 107/320 561368
151 4000 21500 - 50 107/320 561337
151 4000 21500 yes 50 107/320 561375
Accessory nameIndex
OCULUS LED - universal handle 964886
OCULUS LED - surface mounting handle 964893
WSEL438 HD01R Remote control for motion sensor WSEL438
WSEL415 Remote control for - PIR sensor WSEL415
OCULUS LED MINI- RCR sensor -complete 967054
OCULUS LED MINI- PIR / RCR DALI sensor complete 967047
OCULUS LED MINI- safety net kit 561399
OCULUS LED- safety net kit 561382

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