Recessed square LED luminaire with high total luminous Flux. Made of powder-coated white steel sheet. The luminaire has a patented HE reflector installed, which ensures efficiency and effectively eliminates glare.

Available mounting versions: surface mounted, surface mounted on neodymium magnets (magnet ver. / N-MAG), flush-mounted in modular or KG ceilings (using an adapter), or suspended. In the surface-mounted version, solutions influencing the speed and safety of installation were used. In addition, the versions with neodymium magnets shorten the installation time of surface-mounted versions to an absolute minimum.

UGR <19

Unified Glare Rating is an indicator characterizing glare. The lower the Unified Lighting Rating Index (UGR), the lower the glare. In the case of luminaires designed for office spaces, UGR <19, among, others improves the comfort of work, reduces errors and fatigue. The UGR value also depends on many factors characterizing the room and the location of the observer. Special computer programs should be used to precisely determine the degree of glare for specific conditions.


General-purpose recessed luminaire for indoor application in offices or other utility rooms. Appropriate as the main light source even when the work requires eyesight concentration.

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