Oświetliliśmy Uniwersytet Muzyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie

We illuminated the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw

Our energy-saving LED luminaires have been installed in the beautiful interiors of the University of Music in Warsaw. Modern designs – which perfectly complement the atmosphere of the university’s interior, and at the same time provide functional and effective lighting – have been selected to illuminate the space.

Our luminaires have been installed in the main hall, shop, administrative rooms and cloakrooms. The glamorous nature of the university’s interiors is emphasised by modern luminaires representing the Baris family: SQ 600 LED and the stylish, geometric Solanto luminare. The selected luminaires provide the interior with lightness and spaciousness, and at the same time have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the place.

Energy-saving LED lighting is characterised by high lighting parameters, durability and energy efficiency. It is an ideal solution for universities where artificial light plays an important role. Modern LED luminaires provide safe and comfortable lighting and bring significant operational savings. At the same time, they attract attention with their unique design.

The Chopin  University of Music in Warsaw is the oldest and largest university of music in Poland. Since 1810 – the date of birth of the university’s patron – it has been educating outstanding musicians, soloists and actors.

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